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'Twas the Devil



'Twas the Devil is an interactive "choose-your-own-adventure" folk horror set in England's dark past at a time when the Devil and witchcraft were all too real. The project is currently in pre-production.



A film by Mark Garvey


Music by Tasha Fights Tigers


Still Image Designs by Brad Robert Benford

Cast of Characters:


Zachary Makepiece: Simon Cleary

Agnes Makepiece: Mairead Fitzpatrick

Mary: Rachel Cuthill

Matthew: Bill Dowd

Maddox: Scott Robinson

Mephistopheles: Gerry George

Mourner: Keir Husband

Martin: Philip K. Meadows

Man-animal/hobby horse: Paul Ludlow

Motionless man: Nathan Loughran

Merchant: Callum Oakaby-Wright

Musician: Bill Hooper

Mauled man: Mark Garvey

Mercer: Chris Nicholls

Medium: Maureen Roche

Mowed man: Ben Drake

Mirth maker: Ian Tucknott

Man-fool: Chris Punter

Minister: Brad Robert Benford

Major: Tom Gillson