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Union Jack (2019)


Union Jack is a series of web-based super-hero/action/comedy/horror/vampire films adapted from the Marvel Comics.


The project is currently shooting (in more ways than one).



Union Jack Credits:


A series of films by Mark Garvey


Inspired by the Marvel Comics and Characters


Music by Tasha Fights Tigers



Union Jack Cast:


Sam O'Hara-Childs: Joseph Chapman/Union Jack

Jasmine Knight: Romany Wisdom

Simon Cleary: MI5 Deputy Director Philip Gavin

Rachel Cuthill: Lily Cromwell/Baroness Blood

Maureen Roche: Lady Jacqueline Falsworth

Callum Oakaby-Wright: Kenneth Crichton/Baron Blood

Tom Gillson: Grausum

Alice Phillipson: Edith Harker

Akar Faraj: Slaymaster

Chris Punter: Percy

Scott Robinson: Zaran

Ben Drake: Lancaster Sneed/Shockwave