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Union Jack (2019-20)














Union Jack is a series of web-based films adapted from the Marvel Comics. Union Jack follows the mishaps and misadventures of Joseph Chapman: MI5 agent-by day, vampire hunter-by night! With absurd allies and bonkers baddies, Union Jack mixes up a crazy cocktail of comedy, super-hero, action, horror and espionage.


The project is currently in post-production and will premiere October 31st (Halloween/Brexit?)





Union Jack Credits:


A series of films by Mark Garvey


Inspired by the Marvel Comics and Characters


Music by Tasha Fights Tigers





















Sam O'Hara-Childs: Joseph Chapman/Union Jack

Jasmine Knight: Romany Wisdom

Simon Cleary: MI5 Deputy Director Philip Gavin

Rachel Cuthill: Lily Cromwell/Baroness Blood

Tom Gillson: Grausum

Alice Phillipson: Edith Harker

Maureen Roche: Lady Jacqueline Falsworth

Callum Oakaby-Wright: Kenneth Crichton/Baron Blood

Chris Punter: Percy Hotchkins

Scott Robinson: Maximillian Zaran

Akar Faraj: Slaymaster

Mark Garvey: Agent James Larner

Lizzie Byers: MI5 Director Annabel Warner

Ben Drake: Lancaster Sneed/Shockwave

Philip K. Meadows: Jessie Drake

Rob Ellingham: Sidney Crumb

Paul Woodcock: Mastermind

Nathan Loughran: Kevin Mulhearn/Doctor Destiny

Emma Tozer: Alison Double

Victoria Markham: Vixen

Camille Krieg: Ruth Bat-Seraph/Sabra

Suridner Juneja: Navid Hashim/Arabian Knight

Chris Nicholls: Professor Jonas Eckhardt/Necromancer

Keir Husband: Vilet Villager

Paul Ludlow: Sully



















And the Vamps:


Reuben Block, Chris Brown, Greg Campbell, Stephen Catling, Ben Challen, Michael Cladder, Ana Coker, Malachi Collins, Phil Dickson-Earle, Francesco Di Ilio, Bill Dowd, Steve Finan, Alex Foy, Emma Garvey, Tom Gibbs, Edward Gillson, Luke Gray, John Harper, Shane Harrison, Ross Herbert, Bill Hooper, Tom Hurst, Leonie Issacs, Ewan Jones, Adam Joyce, Usman Kadiri, Aaron Karuthasami, Hana Keen, Daniel King, Alex Kosky, Lucy Luton, Michael Manning, Harry May, Lillith May, Andromada Mystic, Heather Neely, Jan Nicpon, Cameron Oakaby-Wright, Dion Oakes, Stuart O'Connor, Joe O'Hara-Childs, Jermaine Samuel, Anna-Lena Schwaer, Mark Smith, Teri Stanford-Fox, Mark Tarrington-Hodgson, Kelli Watson, Luke Wheeler, Dan Yellop




Bertie Grundy, Al Jones, Aiden Ludlow, James Ludlow, P.J. Ludlow, Turlough Maguire, Chimé Spooner, Jheryl Stewart






































Union Jack Crew:


Directed, Written, Produced, Cinematography and Editing by Mark Garvey


Production Managers: Simon Cleary, Michael Manning


Aerial Cinematography: Callum Oakaby-Wright, Blake Max



Production Assistants:


Rachel Bolch, Greg Campbell, Rory Campbell, Abbie Clarke, Malachi Collins, Francesco Di Ilio, Rob Ellingham, Evie Gallagher, Tom Gibbs, Jim Hampson, Shannon Harley, John Harper, Shane Harrison, Ross Herbert, Rebecca Hinrichs, Leonie Issacs, Al Jones, Ewan Jones, Alex Foy, Daniel King, Jim Hampson, Hana Keen, Alex Kosky, Paul Ludlow, Blake Max, Brendan O’Malley, Jan Nicpon, Callum Oakaby-Wright, Charlie Portal, Chloe Reed, Oliver Samuel, Faye Sarron, Anna-Lena Schwaer, Benjamin Morgan Smith, Jheryl Stewart, Tamryn Swart, Alex Thomas, Caleb Thompson, Kelli Watson, Luke Wheeler



Special Thanks:


John Ballantyne, Juliet Bernard, Lewis Blackman, Rob Ellingham, Zoe Hancock, Steffan Honour, The Maguire Family, Orla Moore, Madonna Norgrove, Oaklands College, Michelle Punter, Neil Robertson, Oliver Samuel, Kerry Stringer-Kane, Jake Williams, Fran Wimpress, Dan Yellop



Union Jack Trivia:


As well as original stories based on the Marvel characters, the series features episodes inspired by/based on specific Marvel comics, including:  Union Jack Volume 1 by Ben Raab and John Cassaday; Union Jack Volume 2 by Christos N. Gage and Mike Perkins; Invaders Now! #1-5 by Christos N. Gage, Alex Ross and Caio Reiss; The New Invaders Volume 1 #4-5 by Allan Jacobsen, C.P. Smith and Chris Walker, and "The Daredevils" Volume 1 #3 by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.


All characters call the eponymous hero something different: Romany Wisdom calls him "Joey", Kenneth Crichton calls him "Joe", Lady J calls him "Joseph", MI5 Deputy Director Philip Gavin calls him "Agent Chapman", Grausum calls him "the man in the mask", Slaymaster calls him "Jackie Boy", Lancaster Sneed/Shockwave calls him "Jacko", Maximillian Zaran calls him "UJ", Vixen calls him "Jackson", Percy Hotchkins calls him "Junior Jack", and MI5 Director Annabel Warner calls him "the asset". Only Union Jack calls himself "Union Jack". 0


The individual episodes have the following titles:


01 – Tradition

02 – Faith

03 – Fate

04 – Clean

05 – Compromised

06 – Connection

07 – Co-operation

08 – Right

09 – Blood

10 – Family