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The Same Circles (2017)


Rory and Saff are the perfect couple: happy and in love. On a romantic weekend away, they become victims of an unthinkable tragedy. Devastated and distraught, their lives will never be the same again. Rory’s manic obsession fuels his desperate search for those responsible as he spirals deeper and deeper into madness.


The Same Circles Credits:


A film by Mark Garvey


Directed, written, produced, cinematography and editing by Mark Garvey


Written and produced by Simon Cleary


Co-produced by Jasmine Knight


Music by Kyle Booth and Kyle Worrall


Post-production audio editing by Oliver Samuel


Production assistant: Al Jones


Aerial cinematography by Harry Oxborrow and Blake Max


Featuring Still Alive by The Ben Drake Collective


Featuring Interlude by Stuart O'Connor


Special thanks: Oaklands College and Martin Taylor Costumes


The Same Circles Cast:


Simon Cleary: Rory Campbell

Edd Gibson: Dave Finch

Tom Gillson: Glen Richards

Jasmine Knight: Becca Reed

Alice Phillipson: Sapphire Ford

David Wilson: Ernie

Paul Woodcock: Pete Kinney

Larry Ploughman: Himself

Andy Kingston: The Cyclist

Kelli Watson: The Samaritan

Lewis Blowfeld: The Passer-by

Mairead Fitzpatrick: Bridget


The Same Circles Trivia:


Many of Mark's collaborators (past and present) briefly appear in the various graphics seen during Rory's phone searches. These include: Henry Tozer, Al Jones, Callum Oakaby-Wright, Blake Max, Harry Oxborrow, Oliver Samuel, Simon Woodcock, Stuart Offord, Ian Tucknott, Kyle Booth, Ben Drake and Stuart O'Connor, as well as "the real" Rory Campbell.


Becca's dating app features Garvey collaborators Paul Ludlow, Bill Hooper and Nick King, as well as Mark Garvey as the potential match that is swiped left and declined.0

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