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Postscript (2016)


Postscript is a series of short stories set in a nightmarish post-apocalyptic not-too-distant future. The film follows a handful of desperate survivors scattered around the globe as they endeavour to survive life-or-death struggles through harsh yet beautiful dystopian landscapes.



Postscript Credits:


A film by Mark Garvey


Directed, written, produced, cinematography, editing, sound design and visual effects by Mark Garvey


Co-produced by Jasmine Knight and Paul Woodcock


Featuring remixes of songs by Stuart O’Connor


The Machine Stops by Furta Sacra


Imperium by Kyle Booth


Bright Scenic (Reprise) by Stuart O’Connor


Production assistants: Jack Davies, Georgia Ford, Evangeline Haylim, Victoria Markham, Joe Matthews, Zack Miller, Harry Oxborrow, Bradley Page, Anna Szydlowska, Jamie Tocher, Ian Tucknott and Shannon Turner


Postscript Cast (in order of appearance):


Jasmine Knight: Woman

Mark Garvey: Man with Knife

Paul Woodcock: Man with Case

Ian Tucknott: Wounded Man

Gemma Dillon: Pregnant Woman

Mark Garvey: Passer-by

Oliver Samuel: Man

Lainie Markham: Girl

Jasmine Knight: Dead Body with Walkie-Talkie

Mark Garvey: Voice on Walkie-Talkie (Voice Only)

Oliver Samuel: The Freak

Evangeline Haylim: Thirsty Woman in Orange

Paul Woodcock: Dying Man

Jordan Petrou: Girl with Map

Georgia Ford: Dead Body with Chocolate

Joe Matthews: Patroller 1

Harry Oxborrow: Patroller 2

Jamie Tocher: The Woodsman

Alexander Szydlowska: Boy

Jasmine Knight: Woman in Snow

Mark Garvey: Man in Sn0w

Evangeline Haylim: The Driver

Paul Woodcock: The Blacksmith

Paul Woodcock: Man with Fuel

Akar Faraj: The Scavenger

Shannon Turner: Dead Body with Gold

Jack Davies: The Miner

Jiwon Suh: Korean Pirate

Francesca Di Tella: Chinese Pirate

Jasmine Knight: Thirsty Woman in Silver

Mark Garvey: The Master

Paul Woodcock: The Soldier (Body)

Ivan Mansutti: The Controller

Simon Cleary: The Watcher

Greg Campbell: Red Survivor

Reuben Block: Blue Survivor

Zack Miller: Green Survivor

Kelli Watson: Yellow Survivor

Jasmine Knight: Orange Survivor

Emma Tozer: Purple Survivor

Henry Tozer: Grey Survivor

Zack Miller: White Survivor

Jasmine Knight: Black Survivor

Bradley Page: Gold Survivor

Jasmine Knight/Louise Blay: Silver Survivor

Louise Blay: The Soldier (Face)


Postscript Trivia:


Postscript features the following languages: Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Galician, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Kurdish, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, Yoruba and Zulu.


Each of the shorts in Postscript contains a hidden face obscured somewhere in the landscape.



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