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Portmanteau (2017)


Portmanteau is an anthology collection of short horror tales. A photographer develops an old film and is unprepared for what he sees in the pictures; road rage escalates into a deadly game of cat and mouse; a man wonders what his suspicious neighbour could be disposing of; a bird-watcher descends into madness in an isolated cabin; a Foley artist is reassigned to a classic horror; a writer battles with a seemingly invincible cockroach; a man waits patiently in the hope of sex with strangers, and a woman goes camping alone … but she is not alone!


Portmanteau Credits:


A film by Mark Garvey


Directed, written, cinematography and editing by Mark Garvey


Co-produced by Mark Garvey and Jasmine Knight


Music by Kyle Booth


Portmanteau Cast (in order of appearance):


Simon Cleary: The Photographer

Paul Woodcock: The Delivery Driver

Eleanor Clarke: The Lurker

Madonna Norgrove: The Dog Walker

Biscuit: The Dog

John Harper: The Other Driver

Stuart O’Connor: The Boyfriend

Jasmine Knight: The Girlfriend

Mark Garvey: The Birdman

Kyle Booth: The Sound Recordist

Emma Beach: Screamer

Tamryn Swart: Screamer

Alex Macey: Screamer

Gemma Westwood: Screamer

Hector Hadley: Screamer

Alex Jones: Screamer

Jenna McArdle: Screamer

Brooke Evison: Screamer

Ashley Wintle: Screamer

Wilson Delaney : Screamer

Kathryn Tsang: Screamer

Ricardo Carvalho: Screamer

Jack Davies: The Zombie

Daniel Kenchington: The Zombie Victim

Victoria Markham: The Boss

Louise Blay: Iris

Jack Richardson: The Mad Scientist

Paul Ludlow: Trailer Narrator (Voice Only)

Thomas Hurst: The Werewolf

Myles Brown: The Merman

Jasmine Knight: The Werewolf

Ian Tucknott: The Merman

Thomas Hurst: The Monster Unmasked

George Osayande: The Werewolf Victim

Greg Campbell: The Merman

Max Deneulain-Keene: The Merman Victim

Mia Dickson: The Werewolf Victim

Kelli Watson: The Writer

Callum Oakaby-Wright: The Big Brother

Stuart Offord: The Rabbit Man

Jorden Harvey: The Little Brother

Jamie De Smet: Seymour

Ian Tucknott: The Rabbit Man


Portmanteau Crew:


Courtesy co-produced by Paul Woodcock


Gimbal camera operation by Jamie De Smet


Additional Second Unit Footage by Daniel Kenchington and Bradley Page


8 of Hearts by Bill Hooper


Special Thanks to Tammy Brooks, Jessica Gray, Kieran Griffin, Evangeline Haylim, Joe Matthews, Oaklands College, Faye Sarron and Ben Smith


Portmanteau Trivia:


14 years after initially playing the character,Paul Woodcock once again reprises his role as the delivery driver: a character Paul also plays in Sleep 0n It (2003), In a Roundabout Way (2004), Bucket (2007) and Patchwork (2014).


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