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Patchwork (2014)


Welcome to idyllic small town Hertfordshire where people perpetually go about their average and everyday lives … but just beneath the surface of the mundane hum-drum of middle-class suburbia is a world of magic, wonder and surprise. Patchwork weaves together a series of short tales in which the ordinary and the commonplace are interchangeable with the implausible and the impossible …

a world in which anything can happen … and does.

Patchwork Credits:


A film by Mark Garvey


Directed, written, produced, cinematography, editing and visual effects by Mark Garvey


Songs and music by Stuart O'Connor


Soar written by Mark Garvey and James Gregory


Soar and Ecstatic co-produced by Mark Garvey and James Gregory


Cinematography in Nitpick, Soar and Ecstatic by Mark Garvey and James Gregory


Soar aerial cinematography by SkyVue Media


Seen phone footage and stills by Simon Cleary


Production assistants: Megan Bettles, Gemma Dillon, Ellie Fox, Maddie Hyden, Paul Ludlow, Kieran MacMahon, Callum Oakaby-Wright and Ian Tucknott


Patchwork Cast:


Stuart O'Connor - Son

Callum Oakaby-Wright - Youth

Paul Woodcock - Delivery Driver

Evangeline Haylim - Internet Girl

Jonny Lee - Happy Picnicer

Lawrence Essex - Unhappy Nitpicker

Hugo Oakley - Presto Hume

Alice Cunningham - Girl

Leoni Kibbey - Rosa

Jorden Lee Harvey - Rus

Dani Ludlow - Mother

Aidan Ludlow - Son

James Gregory - Father

Benjamin Gregory - Son

Ian Tucknott - Safety Man

Simon Cleary - Carer

Maureen Roche - Mo

Victoria Markham - Jo

Akar Faraj - Bruv

Jack Davies - Blud

Bill Hooper - Blind man

Fraser Jaffray - Passer-by

Nick Yates - Tall Dog-walker

James Hind - Short Dog-walker

Paddy - Dog

Alisha Theobald - Daughter

Kelli Watson - Mother

Gemma Dillon - Horny Woman

Mark Garvey - Useless Man

Emma Tozer - Mother

Henry Tozer - S0n

Vicky Hooper - Hands (end credits)


Patchwork Trivia:


Paul Woodcock reprises his role as the delivery driver: a character Paul also plays in Sleep on It (2003), In a Roundabout Way (2004), Bucket (2007) and Portmanteau (2017).


The character of Presto Hume from Bucket (2007) also resurfaces here.

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