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Stuart O'Connor

as the Son

Callum Oakaby-Wright

as the Youth

Paul Woodcock

as the Delivery Driver

Jonny Lee

as the Happy Picnicer

Lawrence Essex

as the Unhappy Nitpicker

Hugo Oakley

as Presto Hume

Alice Cunningham

as the Girl

Leonie Kibbey

as Rosa

Jorden Harvey

as Rus

James Gregory

as the Father

Ian Tucknott

as the Safety Man

Simon Cleary

as the Carer

Victoria Markham

as Jo

Maureen Roche

as Mo

Akar Faraj

as Bruv

Jack Davies

as Blud

Alisha Theobald

as the Daughter

Kelli Watson

as the Mother

Mark Garvey

as the Useless Man

Gemma Dillon

as the Horny Woman

Emma Tozer

as the Mother

Henry Tozer

as the Son