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Ideation (2024)


Ideation (2024) is a triptych of trilogies about ideas, creativity, and doing whatever it takes to pursue a dream. Art’s life is going nowhere, he’s stuck in a miserable job that he can no longer tolerate, and he’s had just about enough of the meaninglessness pointlessness of his existence. Art’s only dim flicker of hope is his absolutely certainty that he is on the verge of having an idea that will not only be his ticket to freedom, but will change his life forever. Now all Art has to do is finally have his idea.


Ideation is a series of 9 half-hour-ish episodes that follow our hero’s journey through the 3 different contexts of work, rest, and play. 3 consecutive episodes are spent in each setting and all 3 have their own distinct style and tone. Somewhere between dark comedy and soppy romcom, or existential nightmare and scathing satire, Ideation mischievously pokes fun at downtrodden teachers, absurd artists, and trendy hipsters (and much, much more), but it does so with a wholesome warm gooey heart.


Directed, written, produced, cinematography and editing by Mark Garvey


Co-Produced and sound recording by Máiréad Fitzpatrick


Music by Tasha Fights Tigers




Art: Callum Oakaby-Wright

Beth: Penelope Nunes

Craig: Keir Husband

Dylan: Nathan Laughran

Eleanor: Máiréad Fitzpatrick

Francis French: Saint Hilaire

Gerry: Chris Nicholls

Hugo: Finn Riches

Izzy: Libby Fox

Joy: Faye Sarron

Kingsley: Joe Goodhead

Lily: Julia Valentine

Mabel: Herself

Noah: Simon Cleary

Otto: Ryan Beman

Peer: Philip K. Meadows

Quilly: Matt Clifford

Ruben: Santi Wais

Sienna: Rachel Cuthill

Tatum: Richard Llewellyn

Uma: Silvia Lloscos Lluch

Victor: Stuart Offord

Wesley: Ian Tucknott

Xsara: Alice Phillipson

Yelena: Alice Celeste

Zack Black: Himself




Returning Student: Brady Ashton

Early Student: Juliet Hughes

Equality and Diversity: Maureen Roche

Colleague: Karen Wellman

I.T.: Bill Hooper

Maths: John Spavins

Auditor: Victoria Markham

Consistent: Oliver Samuel

Growth Mindset: Lizzie Byers

Marketing: Laurie Asher

Well-Being: Mark Garvey

Best Practice: Ryan Comerford

Outstanding: Kate Shockley

Quality: George Mercer

New Staff: John Harper

Maintenance: Paul Windmill-Sear

Schrödinger: Freddy

Metalhead: Luke Wheeler

Student: Cain Brinkley

Student: Lewis Burley

Student: Izzy Cox

Student: Esme Flanagan

Student: Isabel Flanagan

Student: Lauren Manger

Student: Leah Pearce

Student: Jake Rogers

Student: Joe Ruckley

Man About Town: Bezza Smith

Man in Street: Stuart Jones

Drunk: Eddie James

Passerby: Lucy Constantin

Gallery Patron: Tom Gillson

Gallery Patron: Emma Tozer

Gallery Patron: Henry Tozer

Empire Records Staff: Dave Burgess

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Staff: Mark Newbold

Father Shusher: Peter Owen

Daughter Shusher: Alice Owen

Mr Shusher: Alex Laurance

Mrs Shusher: Kelli Watson

Theatre Patron: Bartosz Krzewinski

Theatre Emcee: Lee Nelson

Passenger: Richard Stevenson

Passenger: Jackie Glennister


Production Assistants:

Jim Baldwin, Lizzie Byers, Simon Cleary, John Harper, Bill Hooper, Michael Manning, Jake Murley, Mark Newbold, Alice Owen, Oliver Samuel, Bezza Smith, Luke Wheeler


Special Thanks:

Michael Baldwin, Lana Copsey, Paul Davey, Ronan Gaffney, John Harper, Stuart Jones, Lou Mann, Victoria Markham, Rose O, Mario Pavlou, Alice Phillipson, Leo Turner, Ruby Wilkinson, Simon Woodcock