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874 Miles (2015)


Thirty-something Londoner, Will Parker’s, average life is shattered when he receives a terminal diagnosis. With little time remaining, Will abandons everything to embark on a voyage of self-discovery. Following in his Father’s footsteps (or bike-tracks), Will attempts to complete what his Father failed to finish: a bicycle journey from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O'Groats in the Scottish Highlands. Will’s final desperate wish is to make it from sea to sea … 874 Miles.


874 Miles Credits:


A film by Mark Garvey


Directed, written, produced, cinematography and editing by Mark Garvey


Co-produced by Paul Woodcock


Assistant producers: Gemma Dillon, Evangeline Haylim, Stuart Offord, Ian Tuckn0tt


Electronic score by Kyle Booth


Acoustic score by Paul Woodcock


874 Miles Cast:


Paul Woodcock: Will Parker

Victoria Markham: Rose

Maureen Roche: Elizabeth

Ian Tucknott: Jumper

Kelli Watson: Lost Driver

Bill Hooper: Enquirer

Stuart Offord: Jogger

Simon Cleary: End-to-Ender

Evangeline Haylim: Fun Fair Woman

Keir Husband: Scotsman

Eli Keller: Baby Will

Mark Garvey: Gerry Parker

John Harper: Villager

Stephen Broady: Villager

Nicola Thirkill: Villager

Charlie Williams: Villager

Callum Oakaby-Wright: In the park

Kyle Booth: In the park

Kieron Musicka: In the park

Brandon Davies: In the park

Shane Bennett: In the park

Lucy Constantin: In the park

Jorden Harvey: In the park

David Wilson: Documentary Narrator (voice only)

Gemma Dillon: Nurse (voice only)


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